I can understand how embarrassing it is when your Belkin router loses Internet connection for hours and I also used to think why does my Belkin router lose Internet connection for hours. If you are using the Belkin router for your business, it could be more embarrassing for your employees or the guest visiting your business. Hardware issues and interference on your radio channel result in the intermittent Internet connection. Let’s discuss the steps to troubleshoot this issue with your Belkin router.

Why does my Belkin router lose Internet connection for hours: Troubleshoot

This section will drive you through the troubleshooting steps for the issue “why does my Belkin router lose internet connection for hours”. So we have put down some of the basic troubleshooting steps for wired and wireless connection.

1. Wireless Connection


  • Try to move the device that you are using near the Belkin router.
  • Move your Belkin router to the elevated position. Make sure the place is a few feet above the ground. This is because, if your router is on the ground, the wireless signal has to pass through multiple obstacles. Keeping the router off the ground will help the wireless signal avoid obstacles.
  • Identify the device that receives or send the wireless signal. Now move your router away from these types of devices. This will help your wireless network avoid interferences with other wireless devices.
  • Change your wireless radio channel. Switch to a less congested channel. You can try either 1,6, or 11.

2. Wired Connection

wired connection

  • Push the LAN cable that is running towards the router into the port to make sure the connection is not loose.
  • Check the cable that is connecting your router to the modem and the computer. Please ensure the wire is not physically damaged. If the cable is damaged, get a new Ethernet cable.
  • If still, your router is suffering through an intermittent Internet connection, reset your router. Push the reset button to get your router back to the factory default settings.
  • After you bring your router back to the factory default settings, reconfigure it and check whether the router is hooked up to the Internet.
  • Try to check the Internet connection on any of your wireless enabled device.

The above mentioned instructions were some of the basic troubleshooting steps that will help you to resolve the issue that you are facing with your Belkin router.

The above article was all about the solution of the intermittent Internet connection. We hope you are not anymore thinking why does my Belkin router lose Internet connection. In case you still face the same issue even after going through the above mentioned instructions, give us a call on our 24 x 7 Toll-Free number and our technicians will guide you on the same. Thank you for reading this article.

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