Is your Belkin router not connecting to the wireless? Don’t worry!! In the following blog, we will guide you to connect your router to your wireless network step by step.

Belkin routers are the best routers in the field of home wireless routers. Belkin routers providing quality of service and excellent speed helps you to connect to the internet with ease. But somehow users are unable to connect their routers to the wireless network.

There can be many possible reasons by which your Belkin router is not connecting to wireless. The reasons by which router is not connecting to the wireless network can be:

  • Incorrect password issue,
  • your router’s firmware is not updated,
  • Problem with the wires,
  • Connection problem.
  • Problem with the firewall or antivirus.

To confirm the stability in wireless network, check that your computer is within the range of your router’s wireless network. To avoid technical bugs change your router’s location.

Sometimes, when accessing to the wireless network you may have entered the wrong password. To fix Belkin router not connecting wireless, you need to know the correct username and password.

The issue that your router is not connecting wireless network can also be that your router’s firmware is not updated. To solve the problem, update your router’s firmware. Updating the firmware will improve the performance of your Belkin router. It can also resolve the issues, which the previous firmware had. Below mentioned are the steps used to update the firmware of your Belkin router through the web-based setup page.

But, before updating the firmware you need to save and download the updated firmware file to your computer from Belkin support site.

  • Host a web browser and enter the IP address  of your router in the URL bar. Also, you can enter http://router  and press ‘enter’.
  • On the top right corner of the page, click on “login”.
  • Fill the password of your router if you have one. Or you can leave the field blank. Then click on the “submit” option.
  • In the left side of the navigation panel under the ‘utility’ section, click on ‘firmware update’.
  • Now, click ‘browse’ and search the file you had saved in your computer.
  • Select the firmware file and open the file and click on ‘update’ option.
  • You will be asked to continue the update.
  • Click “ok” when you see the notification to not to turn off or reboot the router.
  • You will be directed to wait for few seconds once the update is done.
  • When the router has done the rebooting click ‘ok’.

Congratulations, your router’s firmware update is completed. If, after updating also the internet connection is lost, you need to restore the configuration that was done before on your router.

Antivirus software’s programs sometimes block the data packets which are needed to connect to the Wi-Fi. The programs have the option to block the incoming and outgoing communication that prevents the user to connect to the internet. To solve the wireless connectivity of Belkin router issue, you can disable or modify the security settings of an antivirus or firewall program in your computer.

Thus, by following the above-mentioned procedure you can fix the issue regarding Belkin router not connecting to the wireless. If in case, you are facing any trouble connecting with your wireless network you can call us on our toll-free number.   

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